Friday, August 7, 2009

August Summer Days

So the countdown has officially begun and my anxiety level is skyrocketing. Every time I hit a store now it's filled with back-to-schoolers, harried moms with even more harried kids trying to get ready for that moment when the alarm goes off the first day of school. Okay, maybe some moms are deliriously happy to have that block of free time when the house is empty, and maybe some kids are bored from too much playtime with friends, but as a working mom, school responsibilities just eat up more of my day.

What happened to school starting September 1st, or at least, after Labor Day? Here in Utah, when they aren't in year-round-schools, we have this silly August start-up, which I really can't wrap my weary brain around. August is HOT people, and nobody here really wants to dress in anything other than shorts and skimpy tees. Well, I take that back, it is Utah after all, so there might have to be long camisoles layered under the skimpy t-shirts, but still.

I don't want to schlepp the kids around in this heat getting supplies and clothes when we could be hiking (snicker) and swimming and just in general lounging around a few more weeks, reading a few more good books just for fun and reveling in life without all the deadlines that come with school and Fall and the ensuing holiday craziness.

Or maybe I could just take a pill and chill with the moments we have left.

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  1. Well, I don't know about school starting in August, because here in Serbia, school starts on September 1st, but I do know I'm always excited about fall and school supplies and all that.... Kind of like a fresh start, you know?

    Plus, the fashion in the fall is fab!

  2. Yay for Serbia, and nice to have you back Nikola! I'm up for a fresh start, and yes, there is a part of me that starts tingling when school starts and the weather gets cooler and...fall fashions are definitely my favorite! Boots, pashminas and sexy sweaters.....