Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nature's Fireworks

The kids and I hiked the Alpine Loop in the American Fork Canyon
before a storm arrived this week, threatening to drop the leaves.

After crossing three forests, we found lots of aspens
surrounding a meadow, quivering their joyous welcome.

We call this aspen grove the Golden Palace,
because standing in it,
you are bathed in a shimmering golden light.

We passed mountain bikers and riders on horseback
but no deer or quail this time.
In late spring, this meadow is yellow with wildflowers
and the aspens are freshly green.

Now that the storm is here bringing an early snow
to the mountains with high winds,
the leaves are probably littering the ground,
the aspens no longer quivering their welcome,
but shivering in their nakedness.
Until next Spring.

And leaving us with...


  1. Oh my gosh, have we ever missed Colorado's aspen since we moved to Georgia 21 years ago! You're photos are lovely, so clear, and the Golden Palace is awesome. What a great way to spend time with your children...I was going to say with no electronic distractions, but I see that your son has on ear plugs! Lovely post, Lorna.

  2. Good Lord, I know, right? I mean who goes out to nature with an Ipod? Doesn't he want to hear the wind rustling the leaves, the birds talking and singing, the horses clopping along? But, cameras don't count, lol.

  3. Forgot to mention, prior to moving to Utah 11 years ago, Colorado was our other pick! Georgia is nice too, I have extended family there. We live in such a pretty country :).

  4. I hated Georgia when we first moved here, but once our daughter married a Georgia man we knew we were here to stay! Our little area just brings a smile to my face every day what with the ridges of trees and old buildings. There is so much of our country, even of our area, that I'll never thank goodness for other people posting pictures of it!

  5. I think I've hiked there! Have I told you - forgive me if I have - that we lived in Salt Lake for two years, one month and five days back in 1984-1986. My oldest son was born at Holy Cross Hopsital. Lived on State Street next to the Yamaha dealership. Sounds terrible, but it wasn't.

    Thanks the revisit to the Aspen. Always loved to watch them twitter - like real twitter.

  6. Lorna what a glorious day you spent enjoying the wonderous aspen grove! I can just imagine the peace and serenity one feels while being bathed in that "shimmering golden light'! A wonderful way to welcome Autumn! blessings to you aNNa

  7. Julie, I didn't know you lived here once! I love how you mapped your stay down to the day, lol. That wonderful, eh? Aspens always look so happy to see us...

    Anna, lovely to see you up and about! Hope that means you are feeling well :). Nature is the best!