Saturday, March 6, 2010

When Dinosaurs Roamed...our bodies?

The interesting thing about colon hydrotherapy, is that you get to see stuff you don't ordinarily see. Stuff that will curl your toes. Dr. Oz says 90% of humans carry worms, and turns out I'm one of them. Years ago, I met with a colonic specialist who actually kept jars of various wormy-parasity things in jars for clients to see. Please people, it's bad enough to see your own, why on earth would you want to see some stranger's? It's like living in a pre-historic world where bizarre creatures roam the planet with you, only they're roaming inside you. Although, as Dr. Oz points out, they aren't all bad. Some of them are your friends, like the nice dinosaur in Jurassic Park that sneezed on the little girl. It was a veggie-saurus, not the bad meat-o-saurus kind that wanted to eat your face.

I bring this up not to make you lose your coffee/tea/Margarita, but to say that we might feel better if once in a while we got these things, um, removed (as much as one can, anyway), as I am finding out during this cleanse. The good doctor's article (click his name above to read) goes in great detail about how to avoid parasites, and the symptoms they can cause so you'll know they might be there. Like his article, I have spared you a photo of said critters... because I'm that thoughtful.

Something else I'm discovering as I enter week three of this vegetable juice cleanse (and if I never have to drink something like this again it will be too soon) is that while I constantly think about food, I am not one bit attracted to sweets. This has NEVER happened before, even during other various juice fasting I've done over the years. Normally I eat sugar constantly, even to the point of, confession: considering a Snickers bar and a Dr. Pepper, lunch. You'd think a forty-something-ish person would know better....but, there you have it. So this is new to me, and in a good way. I'm seriously indulging in fresh greens and vegetable soup fantasies, and can't wait to start the eating part of my life again. It has to taste good or I'm not touching it. It's really the simple ones that appeal to me most...

Slicing open an avocado, sprinkling it with cumin, curry and cayenne, drizzling a fresh lime over it, tossing some chopped cilantro on top, and covering the whole thing with fresh Pica De Gallo.

Arranging some sliced bananas on a plate, sprinkling chopped pecans on top, and drizzling grade B real maple syrup--like Shady Maple Farms (forget Mrs. Butterworth's) over all of it. Energizing and yummy.

Downing a green smoothie favorite of one bunch dandelion greens, one banana, one mango, and adding the 'water' of a young coconut to the mix.

Here's a 'green' smoothie recipe I'm dying to try out because it looks so refreshing:

Orange, Yellow and Green Smoothie
1 bunch spinach
2 oranges (peeled with seeds removed)
¼ lemon with peel (seeds removed)
4 dates (with pits removed)
2 frozen bananas
2 cups water
¼ teaspoon nutmeg

Blend and drink! Thanks to the Boutenko family for this one. (For more recipes click on their name).

Since I can't eat yet, guess I'll go watch some dinosaurs roaming Jurassic Park to take my mind off the ones roaming in my intestines. And have you ever wondered...what's roaming in yours?


  1. Dates/ I'm afraid that's another food on my list that I'll never be brave enough to try. The thought of parasites creeps me out, but I don't have the willpower for a juice fast. I'd rather clean out by overindulging in some cheap draft beer!

  2. I always thought dates looked like cockroaches, and was leery eating them the first few times. But in raw dishes, they make things so yummy I finally got over that phobia, lol. I'll bet beer does have some cleansing properties after all!

  3. Oh my. Well, Lorna, this wasn't what I was expecting, but it's a very good post! LOL

    Here's hoping your cleanse will be over soon, and you can indulge in those yummies you mentioned.

    I'm both scared and curious about Dr. Oz's article. Should I read it? Hmm...

  4. Well I wasn't wondering before, but now I am. Thanks?

    I'm so impressed with what you're doing. I hope you'll keep writing about it - even if it does creep me out a bit. :-)

  5. Janna: I'd say go for it! reading Dr. Oz's article; if only for the safety tips.

    Deb: it's hard to write about this stuff because I know most of us creep out about this stuff, but it's our health, you know? So I figure, okay, I will tread where no man/woman/parasite has tread before--well, not quite. Most folks either love it or hate it, and that's okay.

  6. How much longer do you have to do the cleanse thing for? (I was reading the first part of this post through my fingers - but well done for writing about it!) x

  7. Kitty, you crack me up! I guess it is a gross subject, and remembering back to the first time someone told me they had worms, I was icked out and told them how sorry I was, until she looked at me and dryly said, "Don't apologize girl; you have them too!" At which point I was insulted, lol.

    I will be writing about the end of my cleanse in the next couple of days, because it ended rather abruptly when I landed in the ER with low potassium. Who knew?

    Still visualizing you peeking through your fingers to read that last post....


  8. Heh Lorna how are you doing? How is the cleans working...hope you are full of new energy!!
    Happy Spring!!