Thursday, April 8, 2010

Give Yourself That Much

While sipping my morning 'joe' of kale/mango/banana/coconut/lucama (wtf?) green smoothie, my heart is leaping and soaring all at once. Nearing the end of Geneen Roth's newest book (the first of which I've read even though I've devoured her column in Good Housekeeping which my mailman drops by, faithfully), is filling a part of me I haven't touched in a long, long while and it's dangerously close to overflowing.

Now one of my all-time favorite books related to understanding and overcoming food issues, Women, Food, and God by Geneen holds its place beside Martha Beck's The Four Day Win. Both are down-to-earth mind-blowing and both touch the deepest parts of ourselves.

Both explain how the mind works, the power it wields, and since we can't live without it, how to get along with it. Not only does this inspire a heart-thumping sense of loving kindness, it also brings its own measure of  peace. So much of it brings me to that place inside I've touched briefly once during a Byron Katie retreat. A place so spacious, so loving, so everything...I've never gotten over it. And makes me want to leap and soar, again, only this time perhaps, with you. Bon Apetit.

Ask yourself what you love. Without fear of consequences, without force of shame or guilt. What motivates you to be kind, to take care of your body, your spirit, others, the earth? Trust the longing, trust the love that can be translated into action without the threat of punishment. Trust that you will not destroy what matters most. Give yourself that much. ~ Geneen Roth


  1. Being kind to ourselves. Why is that so difficult for us? We can show it toward others, yet beat ourselves up. I admire that you are on this search. I have no concept right now of being able to understand anything non-fiction. Having trouble burying myself in fiction. Busyness has taken over and in an effort to find joy in all that as I am tired, I've not thought of all I need to do for myself. Now, when all this busyness is past, I'm hoping you will be so far ahead of me, I can simply learn from all your studies and searches.

  2. I just finished Geneen's book yesterday, and I'm ready to turn around and read it again. It's thick with dogears. Her permission and her commandment to love ourselves is just exactly the message my heart is finally ready to hear. I loved hearing her read her own words - thank you for that.

  3. Julie: Sorry! I thought I had responded to comments until this morning. I loved your comment,as busyness had taken over for me as well; maybe it's all this awakening into Spring? Weddings, graduations, Spring break, day to day problems sneaking in, and vices (mine is Facebook) which serve to distract. Interesting thought concept, about our studies and searches, maybe that's another reason we blog/follow blogs, we learn from each other's experiences!

    Deb: Mine too! This book was such an awakening for me as well, and my copy is rife with dogears. It really touches the heart and mind in a gentle way. It's the companion book to my dogeared copy of Power of Now that would accompany me on a desert isle...

  4. Wow - that quote really resonated with me, I shall have to read more. Thanks Lorna! x

  5. Wow, sounds like great therapy at a fraction of the cost! I'm heading out to buy this book now!

  6. Kitty: If you resonated with the little bits I presented, the book with blow you away!

    Ethelmae (I smile whenever I read your moniker): You won't be disappointed!