Monday, September 20, 2010

International Peace Day

I love how the world is so very, very big

or small, depending on your lens.

Your life is an album and each moment is a photo.

Are you enjoying the development?


  1. If there was a 'like' button, I would press it a million times.

    Simply epic.


  2. thanks for stopping by my blog...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and this post!!!I cannot wait to follow....

  3. Alyse; that's because YOU are epic. hugs :)

    Debbie: thank you for coming over Debbie! I have been drawn to your blog for awhile now. Glad to see you here!!!

  4. Very much. Beautiful post. Namaste.

  5. How can you be so profound in so few simple words?

    The picture of the beach shells at sunset is breathtaking.

    Our albums are as good as we make them. Some people put more into theirs' than others. Some people are content to document just little tidbits here and there, or forget their albums and look back on them many years later, fingering through the pages as a stranger, or perhaps reliving wistful moments.

    My album? It's full, but I bought another and am filling it every day.

  6. Deb, Tammy, Julie; thanks guy!

    Ethelmae; you are so poetic drawing pictures in my mind with your words :)

  7. Lorna the water the sand the shells all elements that will surround me in my NEW home near the bech! It is so good to be back blogging and visiting my friends again!
    Thank you for checking in w/ me! I promise NOT to stay away as long!
    I am inspired by all my friends in the blog community!hugs

  8. Anna; lovely to 'see' you again! I have missed you. Happy to hear you are healed and living the life of your dreams :). Can't imagine a lovelier setting for you, and the photos that will follow!