Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spinning Frisbees

This pretty much describes my eating habits, which often resembles an out of control frisbee:

From the Watcher perspective, you can see when weight gain is related to stressors in your family life, your career, your friendships, your health, the way the White House is dealing with issues that matter to you, etc. Then you can choose to respond in a way that addresses the actual problem--again, using trim tab actions, not massive disruptions. You'll have a much more positive impact on your loved ones, your job prospects, and international politics (and everything in between) if you don't react to them solely by inhaling pans of blueberry cobbler. Excerpt from Martha Beck's "The Four Day Win".

Whether it's blueberry cobbler or those sprinkle-bedecked frosted sugar cookies from Wal-Mart that are like eating pieces of wedding cake....heaven. Except of course, for the morning-after-effects. I know, I know...but it's a cheap thrill.


  1. Oh dear I can relate to this post!
    I've been binging on chocolate...instead of healthy options!!
    Lorna I really appreciate your care and support
    during these past weeks. This week a biggy for me I get the latest results..let me grab a chocalate for courage! tee hee...gotta keep smiling! hugs aNNa

  2. Hi Anna, well take heart, at least chocolate is healthy for you! Rich in antioxidants, recommended by Natalia Rose is the Green and Black 70% chocolate bars--organic too, I think. Will keep you in mind and heart this week...