Friday, November 13, 2009


Yes, that's right folks, the clouds are below the snow-peaked mountains. We had a bit of weather last night. What can I say, this is Utah. Breathtakingly beautiful, but weird. A little like our new ranking as 'happiest State' in the latest American poll.

Really, pollsters? I'm still coming to terms with the fact that for years, we Utahns have "Lead the nation in anti-depressant use, mental health problems related to depression, and the highest teen suicide rate." In a five year period, we had two teens die from overdoses just in my really nice (and conservative/religious) last neighborhood, and am aware of others who struggle with serious drug addictions, such as heroin. (Read more at:

Your poll also cited tolerance as another criteria for winning the happy status. Uh, hello, pollsters? When I worked at a local elementary school, one of my co-workers would periodically come in upset about young men she knew in her nearby neighborhood who killed themselves because their conservative, religious parents couldn't 'tolerate' their being gay.

Does living in Happyville entail being delusional?

Someone please explain it to me. And then tell me all the reasons why your state should top the list. You could very well be right.

Meanwhile, I'll console myself with the natural beauty we Utahns get to enjoy. That always makes me happy.


  1. That bottom photo is gorgeous! Even when we lived in Colorado I never saw anything quite that spectacular! I really don't know anything about Utah, so will have to take your word for how it really is. Here in Georgia-well, it's nice, but I don't know what I'd list as it's pros and cons. Definitely too hot humid in the summer! Lots of trees, so that's nice. Other than that, I've got nothing to say about it one way or another..

  2. Lucky you! Pro's--lots and lots of peaches! And Coca-cola...but then there's kudzoo. Georgians boast a lovely accent (I do love me some southern accents, especially since I have relatives there :)

    There's good stuff and bad stuff everywhere, I was just shocked at the inconsistency of Utah listed as the happiest when clearly, we have some happiness issues (me bristling like a porcupine again, lol).

  3. I'd be curious what the standard was for that study. Love your pictures. There's snow on my favorite hiking peak - it's early for that in my neck of Washington state. It could be an interesting winter.

  4. Well duh, Lorna. You gotta figure some of those antidepressants are working.
    What? I'm happy. Are you happy?
    But the tolerant part really threw me, too.

  5. Deb: As would I! Hope interesting winter means a fun one...

    Jane: Yes, it was definitely the antidepressants talking to the poll-takers. Well, I'm happy YOU'RE happy!

  6. Hi, Lorna - I'm back! I seem to have lost your email address, and I have something I want to talk to you about. Write me, please.

    Also, has anyone ever mentioned to you that your site takes forever to load, and even to switch to comment mode? It's actually the ONLY one I have trouble with, even though some have waaaay more stuff to load than yours. I don't think it could be me, but I suppose it's possible. Maybe check with someone else? Could it be the cat photo? Or the slide show? Or the pictures with the blogs you follow? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about it in case it IS you and not me, as it's very frustrating. Even if it is only me, I can't think what it could possibly be. I thought the first few times it was a fluke, but it's been quite some time now.

  7. Linda, I've not had a complaint so far; does anyone else have this issue? I've been on various websites that have photo/follow-blog photos and even slideshows without problems, so maybe I just need to do some research on Blogger and see if I'm missing something. Thanks for lettting me know!

  8. Utah is beautiful. Lived there myself for a couple of years. Perhaps the constraints of the religious community puts pressures on that many can't handle it. Also, as the outside world comes in, new ideas spring and no longer blind following is possible. Not quite as happy in Happy Valley as portrayed.

  9. Truly amazing view when I enlarged the last image!!Stay happy my friend!