Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harvesting Addiction

I've been very productive lately. Oh yes I have.

Have you found a job yet?

No, but...

So have you winterized the van yet?

No, but...

Well, have you taken the kids to the dentist yet for their yearly cleaning?

Not yet, but...I achieved level 24 on Facebook FarmVille!!!

There may be an addiction afoot here. Are there 12 steps for cyber-farmers? Is there a drug on the market yet that can slow the effects of brain melt? Can something so creative, so fun and beautiful, be harmful? (depends on who you ask; even my teens are a contemplating an intervention).

Hint: you can level up faster and make more coin by setting up phantom accounts where you stock up on gifts and experience points by weeding neighbor's crops and chasing off pesky raccoons.

You're welcome.

Oh God, forgive me, it's the sickness talking.

Apparently I'm not alone and the stakes are higher than we thought:
Used to be you could pack on the pounds reading racy novels and snarfing chocolate, or licking doughnut crumbs off your fingers in front of your flat screen TV, but now you can do the same thing in front of a computer screen, all hours of the day (or night, and believe me, I've done both).

But I'm in no mood to stop either one yet (farming or eating). It's DEFINITELY building a sense of confidence, an artistic accomplishment combined with good business sense (it takes skill to amass the coins and experience, not to mention master the levels) and a budding inclination towards agriculture. No, really.

Who knew?

My parents still don't.


  1. You're just too funny! Too bad this new career in agriculture doesn't pay very well! I have an addictive personality, so I will NOT be visiting this place.

  2. You're not supposed to tell us things like this. I have a hard enough time resisting my Bejeweled Blitz addiction!

  3. Linda: Surrounded by the natural beauty in your rural Georgia area, you would likely be quickly hooked on this game. Run, don't walk, away!!!

    Carrie: Not that I need another cyber addiction or anything, but must check out Bejeweled Blitz...

  4. I have to stay away from those things. My first Apple laptop had an insect or ant game - 10 levels. I got to level 10. Finally cured myself because I couldn't solve level 10. Don't want to know where the games are on current laptop.

    Funny post.

  5. Every time I say I want to switch to Apple my kids give me the evil eye; they are die-hard Windows pc freaks. I don't even know what games I have! (too many on my plate already...)

  6. Too funny! Seems like a simple enough pleasure. You can quit any time, right? If you want to?

  7. Deb: That's what I tell myself, anyway ;)