Saturday, August 7, 2010

Changes of Scenery

I don't know about you,
but this summer has brought with it 
much change and growth and love. 

Here are some of the ways summer refreshed me:

Flying high in sky...

Dipping into the sea...

Exploring new terrain...

Enjoying natural and man made art...

Absorbing colors...

Kicking back...

Outmaneuvering sharks...
(hint: shopping carts involved)

No, still not Nemo...

Smelling the hibiscus...(pink and peach)

Weathering the storms.

Remembering that life is beautiful.
Family and friends only a heartbeat away,
Connections and re-connections,
remembering how loved we are.
Feeling boundless gratitude and...


  1. Welcome home. I've missed you. Glad to see you've been living fully. Love the pictures.

  2. What a great post!! And your "home" looks even more beautiful than your vacation. Welcome back!

  3. Love it! You're taking advantage of what summer is all about!

  4. Hi Deb; I've missed you too. Life is definitely too short not to live fully!

    Hello Ethelmae; home is definitely beautiful!Thank you!

    Linda Lou; yes, this time for rejuvenation has reminded me realize what is important :)

  5. Kicking back - the feet over the water. I like that one the best. The water, very comforting.