Friday, April 17, 2009

Life Blessings

This weekend my grandson is receiving his baby blessing with his adoptive family. Our household is brimming with barely contained excitement.

The event is divided into two days of celebration; a luncheon on Saturday where we party with everyone, and the ceremony on Sunday. Now, normally I am not into rituals and such, but this generates excitement because we get to see him. Which is a rare gift for me, one of his birth family's grandmothers.

It's all so surreal in a way, as I don't know how to "be" in this situation, i.e. what feelings to have. Joy for his sweet parents? Joy for the bundled of energy that he is? Joy for his dear birth parents? I mean, it is bittersweet for me, but there is so much room for gratitude here. I'm awed by the whole experience. It's so tempting to drop the 'bitter' and just revel in the sweet.

I'm happy he gets to experience life on this amazing planet. I'm happy his adoptive parents get to experience him, and I'm happy his birth parents get to experience what they have created together. I'm happy we get to experience all this in whatever way we can. It's quite beautiful when I focus on that. When I drop my concept of what grand-parenting 'should' look like, it doesn't hurt. And that alone is worth the experience.

All I know is there is a lot of love in this world, and this is just another way to feel it.

Feeling very blessed in this moment.

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