Friday, April 24, 2009

Shut Up

So, it's Friday (TGIF to high heaven, because it was the day from hell) and my co-worker told me to shut up during serve (we work as lunch ladies at our childrens' elementary school) because apparently I talked too much....

Excuse me? You want me to what? I mean, seriously, ask me something I CAN ACTUALLY DO for Pete's sake! "Talks too much" was the most common complaint, I mean, constructive criticism, on my grade school report cards.

So, back to my co-worker; I told her to bite me.

And then the kids showed up...

(This photo is the only one I have from my job -- pre-45 lb. gain from eating all that crappy, I mean, government mandated, school food -- so my co-worker is not in this actual photo, but still, you get the picture.)

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