Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vamps Aren't The Only Sparkly Things Around Here

When not acquiring sleighs and elfin garden gnomes for the Farm(ville), shoveling snow off the deck before our Home Owner's Association kicks in a fine, and decking our halls with all manner of Christmas festivities, I like to go out to play with my camera and breathe in the fresh winter snow. Normally I would drive snowshoe to a scenic mountain spot for breathtaking photos, but since I'm usually out of breath just climbing up and down the stairs these days, I meandered around the property and found these, just for you.

There was a noisy gaggle of geese that honked their way across the sky on the way to somewhere (hopefully far away from people who like to stuff them for Christmas Day) but I didn't have the camera on me to capture their migration. Still, nothing says Christmas more than mother nature; not the colorful lights, the plentiful presents, or the hot apple cider and lemon bars...

Just fresh glittering snow.

Edward has NOTHING on nature's wintry sparkle.


  1. Brrrrrrrrrr ... and beautiful!

    FYI, could you please go to your settings and set me for getting an email copy of your posts? Seriously, it took a full two minutes for the blog to load, and then another minute and a half for the comment form to come up. WTF? Am I really the only one? YOU are the only one I have this problem with, all the others do just fine and normal!

    And now I've been sitting here with my computer frozen while I keep being told that my comment can't be published!!! Seriously?

  2. Linda, I wish I knew why your PC hates my blog, lol. I've asked my kids and they have no problem accessing me from their computers (that's four) and no one else has mentioned it. Does anyone else out there have trouble uploading my blog? Please let me know.

    To receive emails from this blog, you go the Post Comment section and sign in, and it has a space to the right of the Preview box which says, "Subscribe by email". I can't do it for you because you have to sign in, and signing in myself doesn't work. Let me know if that works (and if you know of another way for me to do it, let me know).


  3. Hi, Lorna! You're right. Sparkly as Edward is, I'll take views like you've got here, anytime. Love that last one!

  4. Oh, and I meant to say, thanks for commenting over on my blog today. :)

  5. Beautiful photos here, and you're so right. Mother Nature does up Christmas the very best! We had snow here in New England today, but it since turned to a rainy slush!

  6. Janna, you're so welcome! Love your blog :)

    Joanne, rainy slushes aren't as much fun as snow that sticks all sparkly white, but my nosehairs froze today! New England has some gorgeous winter landscapes (calendar gorgeous)...

  7. Great pictures that capture winter at its best. We are getting snow here in Idaho today also.

  8. Beautiful pictures, and I could just hear the fun you were having out in the cold sparkles.

  9. Bill--Idaho is gorgeous, especially northern. Lots of snow :)

    Deb--yes, I really wish the camera could have captured the sparkles shimmering in the was surreal.