Sunday, January 3, 2010

Journey Into 2010

Waving my last good byes to 2009, I'm not terribly sorry to leave it behind. It was a great learning ground, lots of experiences and some accomplishments while enjoying the company of amazing people along the way. Fellow hikers on the trail. So thanks 2009, we're still standing, and now looking forward to wandering into the possibilities of the days to come.

This journey we're all on. I've been listening to the dramas that have crept into our holidays, and reading the dramas that visited my fellow blog-and-Facebook friends; and it's somehow reassuring that we are not alone. It's heartening to see we are actually so very much, ONE. I like that. I used to say the Earth is my home and humanity is my family. Sometimes it becomes too much to bear, having a family so big and feeling all their pain and suffering, but it also is fun to celebrate their joys and laugh at the absurdities and foibles of the human condition that simply make the trip so worthwhile.

I look forward to traveling this road with you in my life, one step into one day at a time. No matter what lies ahead for all of us, I am here with you and love that you are here with me. Together this journey will be won. Why do I keep picturing The Fellowship of the Ring, with Frodo and Sam and Legolas and Aragorn, Gimli, Gandalf, Merry and Pipin, and Boromir? I'm not sure, since I prefer the visual of the traveling gnome much better--it's lighthearted and funny. And if I have any resolutions this year it's to lighten up and laugh more. To really appreciate the human condition. What a brave lot we all are. And what fun.

So thank you 2009 for the gifts you left, and welcome 2010 for the gifts yet to be shared.

What say you, is your passport current?


  1. And if I have any resolutions this year it's to lighten up and laugh more. Really appreciate the human condition."

    Well, there you go. I believe this philosophy makes anything thrown at us much easier to tackle. Onward!

  2. I'm all for more laughter all around. I'm ready for another year of adventure, and glad to be traveling with you.

  3. Lorna: Thanks so much for your kind comment on my posting, as well as for your work here. I will be back again - here's to the best of 2010 for the both of us! And also to "peaceful" flights! EFH

  4. Nope, you can't go wrong with a resolution like "lighten up and laugh more." Why do we take life so seriously and worry about stuff that either doesn't matter or will never happen anyway? We're all a bunch of mental patients, no? Happy New Year! It's going to be fantastic!

  5. I think laughing more is always a great resolution. And I am certainly happy to have met you during 2009.

  6. Julie -- I like that, onward we go.
    Deb -- I'm glad to have your poetic company.
    EFH -- the best to both and love peaceful flights.
    Linda -- I love that; 'we're all a bunch of mental patients'.
    Debbie -- Thanks Debbie you're insights are inspiring.

  7. Lorna your writting is so pretty!

    Here is to an amazing new year!

    Cheers!! :D