Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feline Grace

It's mere weeks away but I am aching for the laziness of summer.

School will be over, which means the kids will spend an entire month with their father for the very first time since the divorce, work will end and a new career will loom on the horizon.

But first I intend to take time out for restorative stillness from all the busy madness that has defined the past six months. No tropical vacations nor meditation retreats linger on the itinerary, but connecting with nature, photography, writing and reading await my aware presence.

Quite hermitous (don't trouble your spell checker, it was possibly just invented as a derivative of hermit) I long to just be, like this very present cat, surrounded by natural beauty and soaking it all in in quiet reverie.

Have you ever noticed how cats seem to have this knowing sense? When you look into their eyes and they gaze right back at you, it's like they know something you don't. This knowing sense is what I long to tap into. And all I have to offer is willingness and gratitude for whatever shows up.

Like this graceful feline sitting in relaxed solitude, I too can snuggle in Mother Nature's arms and breathe the sweet air of her generous garden. And maybe the constant mental buzzing that has followed me these past months -- of what direction to go in next -- will slowly quiet down.

Looking forward to some solitary time in the mountains; time clearing 'busy' mind and tuning into something deeper than me. Little me, that is.

Can you feel the peaceful purring yet?

Credit: photo courtesy of Naturegirl at:

Her sweet kitty (she has two gorgeous onyx ones) looks like my own cat, Wally, beloved friend of yesteryear and a fantastic healer)...


  1. Lorna: A wonderful post for my ~Babie~ to be featured!
    You know when I allow her out in the garden with me I need only to follow her around looking for photo opportunities and in doing so I am overcome and enchanted by the beauty and significance of Nature through her eyes!Her sweet innocent observing eyes!

  2. Yes, yes, that's exactly what I mean! Cats are so open to nature, and oh so present with it! Thank you for letting me use her photo; it made my week. Indeed, I wish I could follow her around with my camera too, lol!:)