Sunday, May 3, 2009

Change Is In The Air

I can hardly believe it's a week already since my last foray into blogging world.

It's another rainy spring day, which is quite lovely around here. Things are turning green fast. and new things are cropping up everywhere.

What's new in my life?

Soon to be done with my job of the last two years, and I will be venturing into new arenas. This job is extremely physical and not-so-well paying, but I have loved that it allows me to be with my kids and allows them to go to their old schools, with all their friends from growing up. Plus I've formed some amazing friendships and enjoyed being around kids in general.

Now I'm looking for office work, which is what I used to do before settling into the stay-at-home-mom job field.

Ideally, I'd love to work at home, doing something creative and/or online. Writing, healing work, etc. Also craving nature and sunlight and fresh air, so wouldn't it be fun to incorporate that?

Don't know how to make this work, so at this point am opening to what Life brings me next that aligns with that. I used to say 'God', then 'Higher Self', then 'Universe', and now I say 'Life', that which incorporates the all-encompassing goodness that is out-there-in-here, supporting us little humans on our journey of awakening.

Long-term I am really wanting to be part of a creative/healing community, like the raw foodist trend-setters are creating. Doing what you love with people that you love in an atmosphere that you love, how amazing is that? Now, to figure out just what that is....

And that is what my bubbly thoughts are percolating this beautiful Sunday afternoon in May.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Hansen on the KSL photo gallery website


  1. The whole working-from-home idea sounds great! Especially if you like writing, you could probably start earning on your blog. Have you thought about AdSense?

  2. I have, kinda sort of, lol. One of my favorite Bloggers,, reputedly makes 40K a month. Is such a thing even possible?!!!