Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graduation By Degrees

Eldest son graduated from high school this week after a fast-and-furious paced couple of years (literally, he is a true fan of the movie).

Following the time honored tradition of using the high school years to broaden his horizons experientially, he really savored the banquet of life-- if you get my drift.

Being the brilliant, good-natured, humorous being he is, he emerged wiser and kinder and funnier and intact, except for going completely deaf in one ear due to a freak case of viral labrynthitis his freshman year...

As a family, we have been graduating by degrees right along with him. And now, as their older brother transitions to college, his younger siblings are leaving the comfort of their hometown schools for new schools and new friends, even though they both have a year left before one transitions from elementary to junior high, the other from junior high to high school.

Not far behind, I high-dived into the graduate pool by leaving my current job of two years--the first out of home job since leaving a 19-year stint as stay-at-home-mom. Which I commemorated by cutting my hair. Because it was either that or start dating again and you may as well suggest I start pole dancing if you think I'm going there.

Yet, as the kids head off to their dad's for a month of paternal bonding, a world of possibility is unfolding for a woman who tethers herself pretty tightly to her children as her world. And noticing that worry is NOT the number one beauty secret in the world.

Trust me.


  1. Wow, labrynthitis-- I had to look that one up. And here I thought I had run across it all during Jay's many visits to numerous doctors. (And my obsessive searching on the internet.) I thought you were making a clever reference to some kind of goth music or something.
    My hat's off to you--CHANGE IS SCARY. It's Phobia #17 on my list.

  2. BTW, my word verification for the last comment was "Unhear". How freaky is that, considering most of the time you never get a real word. (And actually, unhear probably isn't technically a word, but it's recognizable.)

  3. That is kinda creepy, or possibly highly intuitive of the word search program, lol. Yes, I saw your other website devoted to Jay. Kudos for having both a serious blogsite and a humorous blogsite. How do you have time for anything else? Goth music, that's hilarious! Tho come to think of it, it did feel really surreal when it was all going down. One minute you can hear just fine, the next, you get some really bizarre symptoms (not being able to get out of bed for 5 days without vertigo, like some drunken long-lasting hangover) and the next, you are completely deaf in one of your ears. Like I said, surreal. Life is strange! But I'll take it...

  4. That did suck. I remember that whole thing. Poor dude :(

    Haha pole dancing... I would join you on that were I not with Jessie. Though the other day while thinking about possible jobs I remembered that I am old enough to work in a titty bar... Hahaha. You could work there with me! Mother and daughter, working in a titty bar together. Ahh bonding... :P

  5. Yeah, like exposing myself is so me? I'd rather take up knitting....